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What can be better than premium craft beer brewed with love, knowledge and care? At Johnnycake Hollow Brewing, we believe in the power of Atwater beer to bring people together. Our extensive menu features craft beers from our unique microbrewery. Work your way through our incredible menu – you’re sure to find something you like at our brewery. Got a big order? Call in ahead of time on 3309472345.


What separates our brewed beer from mass produced beer? Our onsite microbrewery is the standout feature, producing a range of classic and craft beers straight from the heart of our business. We also supply beers from our microbrewery to certain establishments in the area. If you’re out for crisp, locally produced beers from a local microbrewery, then our craft beer is the what you're after.

Dedication and Passion

We are dedicated and passionate in all our operations, and that includes keeping our customers happy. Our team of experts guarantees the highest level of service to help you reach your goals because we value hard work and determination – aspects of our business that have helped us reach many customers already. That’s why you are guaranteed quality products and services any time you come to us.

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